Every moment of our lives is like a truffle – sweet, bitter, sometimes mystical, sometimes delicious, but each of them is REAL.

The light, smartly chequered CAPS! boxes house truffles dressed in white and milk chocolate. Rhubarb- peppermint, cranberry, gooseberry-clove, blackcurrant, rowan and strawberry. All of these and others reside here – in a box of sweet moments. To pamper you and others.
The dark, chequered CAPS! boxes hide truffles in black and milk chocolate. You will find true and invigorating flavours – brown-bread-cranberry, blackcurrant, apple-caramel, dark plums, quince-pumpkin, sea buckthorn, cherry and many more. A life so full of moments. With such special moments among them.

Feel Our Truffles - Read The Stories Behind Them

About the times you’ve felt happy, fulfilled, loved, and cherished.

CAPS! captures life’s delightful moments – take a bite of any truffle, and you’ll find life as real, juicy, and as fresh as it gets.

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Life can be truly delicious.

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